BOPP / CAST BAGS | Available from the Packaging Company, Christchurch

BOPP ( Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene ) is the high clarity way to display all your items. An added advantage is they are also a food grade product, heat sealable and strong.


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Bopp Bag # 02            110x135mm         (Internal ID)   100/Pack         1000/Box

Bopp Bag # 03            128x180mm         (Internal ID)   100/Pack         1000/Box

Bopp Bag # 04            70x40x190mm     (Internal ID)   100/Pack         1000/Box

Bopp Bag # 05            100x50x215mm   (Internal ID)   100/Pack         1000/Box

Bopp Bag # 06            110x55x260mm   (Internal ID)   100/Pack         1000/Box

Bopp Bag # 08            190x280mm         (Internal ID)   100/Pack         1000/Box


Bopp Bag # 22            H/D Hangsell Lolly Bag 105x180mm 100/Pack   1000/Box

Microperf Bags

Microperf Vienna Bread Bag (Hot) Wicket   240mmX430mm       3000/Carton


Microperf Polyester Pie Bag                        140mmX180mm             1000/Box

Microperf Polyester Pie Bag                        140mmX220mm             1000/Box

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