CARDBOARD BOXES / CORRUGATED ROLLS | Available from the Packaging Company, Christchurch

We carry a range of cartons providing an economical solution for all your packaging requirements. If you're unable to find a suitble carton within our range we can also produce custom cartons to suit your needs.


We can also have any stock or custom carton printed to your requirements. Please contact our customer service team to discuss this option.

Cardboard Cartons

Stock 1         250x250x200mm    20/Pack

Stock 2         250x250x368mm    20/Pack

Stock 3         303x303x250mm    20/Pack

Stock 4         340x255x305mm    20/Pack

Stock 5         405x255x255mm    20/Pack

Stock 6         430x330x255mm    20/Pack

Stock 7         455x305x305mm    20/Pack

Stock 8         457x457x356mm    20/Pack

Stock 9         510x380x280mm    20/Pack

Stock 10       510x380x585mm    15/Pack

Stock 11       615x290x290mm    20/Pack

Stock 12       305x217x305mm    20/Pack

Stock 14       254x203x152mm    20/Pack

Stock 20       406x216x117mm    20/Pack

Stock A4S    310x215x205mm    20/Pack

Die Cut Boxes

Die Cut Box #100 100X75X37MM             100/PACK  

Die Cut Box #125 125X94X47MM             100/PACK  

Die Cut Box #150 150X112X56MM           100/PACK   

Die Cut Box #175 175X130X65MM           100/PACK  

Die Cut Box #200 200X150X75MM           100/PACK   

Die Cut Box #225 225X167X83MM           100/PACK 

Die Cut Box #250 250X185X92MM           100/PACK

Die Cut Box #275 275X206X103MM         100/PACK

Die Cut Box #300 300X225X113MM         100/PACK

Corrugated Rolls

300mm      75m
600mm      75m
700mm      75m

900mm      75m

1000mm    75m
1200mm    75m

1400mm    75m

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