PAPER BAGS / ROLLS & SHEETS | Available from the Packaging Company, Christchurch

There is a paper bag for almost anything. We have White Confectionery, Brown Flat, Greaseproof, Sandwich, Bottle, Bread, Hot Food, Lined, Heavy Duty, Millinery plus many more.


We also have the option of custom printing small runs at highly competitive prices. Please contact our customer service team to discuss this option.


We also have it covered with our Newsprint and Brown Kraft paper rolls. They come in a range of sizes and GSM's for added strength and product applications.


Cant find the product you are looking for here? Please contact our customer service team and we'll find a solution for you.


Paper Bag Brown Flat

Brown Flat # 1 140mm x 180mm       1000/Pack

Brown Flat # 2 160mm x 200mm       1000/Pack

Brown Flat # 3 185mm x 220mm       1000/Pack

Brown Flat # 4 210mm x 240mm       1000/Pack

Brown Flat # 5 235mm x 270mm       500/PacK

Brown Flat # 6 235mm x 300mm       500/Pack

Brown Flat # 7 255mm x 300mm       500/Pack

Brown Flat # 8 255mm x 330mm       500/Pack

Brown Flat # 9 280mm x 340mm       500/Pack

Brown Flat #10 305mm x 360mm      500/Pack

Brown Flat #11 310mm x 396mm      500/Pack

Brown Flat #12 305mm x 460mm      500/Pack

Paper Bag White Confectionary

Confectionary Bags #0 100mm x 130mm         1000/Pack

Confectionary Bags #1 120mm x 130mm         1000/Pack

Confectionary Bags #2 140mm x 170mm         1000/Pack

Confectionary Bags #3 160mm x 185mm         1000/Pack

Confectionary Bags #4 185mm x 225mm         1000/Pack

Confectionary Bags #5 210mm x 245mm         1000/Pack

Paper Bag Greaseproof

Greaseproof Flat White #1 140mm x 180mm                 1000/Pack

Greaseproof Flat White #2 160mm x 200mm                 1000/Pack

Greaseproof Flat White #3 185mm x 225mm                 1000/Pack

Greaseproof Flat White #4 210mm x 240mm                 1000/Pack


Paper SOS Checkout Bag

SOS #0 Bag             90mm x 50mm x 205mm                 500/Pack

SOS #1 Bag            125mm x 70mm x 270mm                500/Pack

SOS #2 Bag            160mm x 85mm x 350mm                500/Pack

SOS #3 Bag            185mm x 100mm x 390mm              200/Pack

SOS #4 Bag            185mm x 100mm x 450mm              200/Pack

SOS #5 Bag            205mm x 125mm x 445mm              200/Pack

SOS #6 Bag            255mm x 140mm x 470mm              200/Pack

SOS #7 Bag            255mm x 140mm x 560mm              200/Pack

Paper Bottle Bag

Bottle #1 95mm x 65mm x 390mm           500/Pack

Bottle #2 180mm x 60mm x 410mm         500/Pack

Paper French Stick Bag

French Stik 95x65x580        500/Pkt

Printed Food Bags

Printed Mushroom 170mm x 80mm x 295mm           500/Pack


Greaseproof Printed Pie Bag 200X165                      500/Pack 





Kraft Paper Rolls

Paper Roll 450mm                  50gsm                         400m/Roll

Paper Roll 450mm                  65gsm                         310m/Roll


Paper Roll 600mm                  50gsm                         400m/Roll

Paper Roll 600mm                  65gsm                         310m/Roll

Paper Roll 600mm                  80gsm                         250m/Roll

Paper Roll 600mm                  120gsm                       165m/Roll


Paper Roll 750mm                  65gsm                         310m/Roll

Paper Roll 750mm                  80gsm                         250m/Roll

Paper Roll 750mm                  120gsm                       165m/Roll


Paper Roll 900mm                  65gsm                         310m/Roll

Paper Roll 900mm                  80gsm                         250m/Roll

Paper Roll 900mm                  120gsm                       165m/Roll

Paper Roll 900mm                  270gsm                       75m/Roll


Paper Roll 1200mm                 80gsm                        250m/Roll

Paper Roll 1200mm                120gsm                       165m/Roll


Paper Roll 1500mm                120gsm                       165m/Roll

Newsprint Sheets

Newsprint Sheets  400 x 400 10kg

Newsprint Sheets  550 x 640  20kg

Newsprint Sheets  600 x 800  20kg

Newsprint Sheets  700 x 800  20kg

Newsprint Rolls

Newsprint Roll 400mm           45gsm                         400m/Roll

Newsprint Roll 800mm           45gsm                         400m/Roll

Newsprint Roll 1200mm         45gsm                         400m/Roll

Kraft Paper Tubing

Paper Tubing   75mm             175gsm                       150m/Roll

Paper Tubing 100mm             175gsm                       150m/Roll

Paper Tubing 125mm             175gsm                       150m/Roll

Paper Tubing 150mm             175gsm                       150m/Roll

Paper Tubing 255mm             175gsm                       150m/Roll

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