PRODUCE / ROLL BAGS & FOODWRAP FILM | Available from the Packaging Company, Christchurch

Produce bags can be supplied loose packed flat or on a wicket. Ideal for markets, produce shops and orchards.


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Produce Bags - Loose Packed

Produce Bag Loose 0.5kg   150mm x 300mm 250/Packet   7000/Carton

Produce Bag Loose 1.0kg   200mm x 300mm 250/Packet   6000/Carton

Produce Bag Loose 1.25kg 200mm x 375mm 250/Packet   4000/Carton

Produce Bag Loose 1.5kg   225mm x 375mm 250/Packet   4000/Carton

Produce Bag Loose 2.0kg   225mm x 425mm 250/Packet   4000/Carton

Produce Bag Loose 3.0kg   250mm x 500mm 250/Packet  3000/Carton

Produce Bag Loose 5.0kg   300mm x 600mm 250/Packet   2000/Carton

Produce Bags - Wicket

Produce Bag Wicket 0.5kg   175mm x 250mm 250/Pkt   6000/Ctn

Produce Bag Wicket 1.0kg   200mm x 325mm 250/Pkt   4000/Ctn

Produce Bag Wicket 1.5kg   225mm x 375mm 250/Pkt   4000/Ctn

Produce Bag Wicket 2.0kg   225mm x 425mm 250/Pkt   3000/Ctn

Produce Bag Wicket 3.0kg   250mm x 500mm 250/Pkt   3000/Ctn

Food Wrap Film

Food Wrap Film Bulk 450mm x 1200m PVC           2/Carton

Roll Bags - Produce

Produce Rollbag 1kg Green (1500/Roll) 200mm x 300mm                     4Rolls/Carton

Produce Rollbag 2kg Red     (1500/roll)  260mm x 360mm                     4Rolls/Carton

Produce Rollbag 4-5kg Blue (500/roll)    250mm x 125mm x 475mm     4Rolls/Carton

Printed Produce

Paper Bag Printed Mushroom 170mm x 80mm x 295mm          500/Packet


10kg Printed Potato 760mm x 345mm x 125mm                        500/Carton

Printed Carrot 1.5kg 225mm x 375mm                                       3500/Carton


Printed Onion 1.5kg 225mm x 375mm                                       4000/Carton

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