STRAPPING / WAREHOUSING | Available from the Packaging Company, Christchurch

We carry a range of pallet strapping for everyday warehouse use, options for heavy loads as well as semi-automatic applications. Semi-automatic strapping machines and tools are also available. 

Hand Strapping

Hand Strapping 12mm x 1000m Blue

Hand Strapping 19mm x 1000m Blue

Hand Strapping 19mm x 1000m Heavy Duty Black



Strapping Buckles

Strapping Buckle    Metal    12mm              1000/Box

Strapping Buckle    Metal    19LB L/Duty    1000/Box

Strapping Buckle    Metal    19CB H/Duty   1000/Box

Strapping Buckle    Plastic  12mm              1000/Pack

Strapping Buckle    Plastic  19mm              1000/Pack


Strapping Seals

Strapping Seal 19HD H/Duty Metal      1000/Box

Strapping Tools

Plastic Strapping Tensioner            

Plastic Strapping Crimper - 19mm   

Strapping Machine

Semi-automatic Strapping Machine

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