WASHROOM / HYGIENE / SAFETY | Available from the Packaging Company, Christchurch

We have a wide range of products to suit the hospitality, manufacturing and retail sectors. Hygiene and safety products stocked include: aprons, bin liners, cleaning products, gloves, hats, masks, hand cleaners and sanitisers.


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Toilet Rolls

Nature Soft Toilet Rolls 2 Ply 400 Leaf                   48 Rolls/Carton

Nature Soft Jumbo 2 Ply Toilet Rolls 300m              8 Rolls/Carton



Slimline Towels

Nature Soft SlimLine Paper Towels             4000/Ctn

Cleaning Products

Degreaser Banish                        5 Litre

Hand Sanitiser                             5 Litre

Flowing Hand Soap                     5 Litre

Dish Washing Liquid Detergent   5 Litre


Latex Low Powder Small               ( 140S )   100/Box    10 Boxes/Carton

Latex Low Powder Medium           ( 140M )   100/Box    10 Boxes/Carton

Latex Low Powder Large               ( 140L )    100/Box    10 Boxes/Carton

Latex Low Powder Extra Large      ( 140XL ) 100/Box    10 Boxes/Carton


Vinyl Low Powder Small                ( 300S )    100/Box    10 Boxes/Carton

Vinyl Low Powder Medium            ( 300M )    100/Box    10 Boxes/Carton

Vinyl Low Powder Large                ( 300L )     100/Box    10 Boxes/Carton

Vinyl Low Powder Extra Large       ( 300XL )  100/Box    10 Boxes/Carton



Apron Large White Rippa 800x1400      300/Ctn


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